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The cover for the young adult anthology Transmogrify! 14 Fantastical Tales of Trans Magic edited by g. haron davis. The title is purple capital letters on a pink background accented by flowers, lights, and small pine trees in the bottom corners. Three characters are depicted . Two sit on a broom and one stands between them, holding a mirror with a small, screaming dragon on their shoulder.

Transmogrify!: 14 Fantastical Tales of Trans Magic


Featuring stories from: AR Capetta and Cory McCarthy, g. haron davis, Mason Deaver, Jonathan Lenore Kastin, Emery Lee, Saundra Mitchell, Cam Montgomery, Ash Nouveau, Sonora Reyes, Renee Reynolds, Dove Salvatierra, Ayida Shonibar, Francesca Tacchi, and Nik Traxler.


Perfect for fans of All Out and Cemetery Boys, this anthology claims a seat at the table of fantasy literature for trans and gender nonconforming stories.

Transness is as varied and colorful as magic can be. In Transmogrify!, you’ll embark on fourteen different adventures alongside unforgettable characters who embody many different genders and expressions and experiences—because magic is for everyone, and that is cause for celebration.

Cover illustrated by @colorshelf and designed by @jstempellobell.

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